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Today Is The Day at Highline Ballroom (more by BBG)
Today IS The Day

The most frequently asked question regarding the new Today Is The Day? Is it anything like Supernova? Thankfully no, as Today is The Day has always shifted shape from release to release, and Pain Is A Warning is no exception. In fact, Steve Austin has achieved something even more unfathomable... he has calmed the beast that is Steve Austin.

That's not to say that the new LP Pain Is a Warning (due August 16) is anything less than confrontational and muscular, it's just that the borderline blind anger that dotted Today Is The Day's previous work has now been replaced by smartbombs of precision decimation. Blame it on Kurt Ballou on the boards, the new lineup (Curran Reynolds & Ryan Jones of Wetnurse), the demise of Supernova Records or their new home Blackmarket Activities/Good Fight, but this is Today Is The Day at their most centered and my favorite release since the amazing Temple of The Morning Star.

Stream some new songs by Today Is The Day below, including the slow burner "This Is You" which makes its debut here.

Today Is The Day - This is You

Today Is The Day - Expectations Exceed Reality

Today Is The Day - Pain Is A Warning

Today Is The Day - The Devil's Blood

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