Austin's Boyfrndz are following their 2016 album Impulse with a new two-song single, "Not Enough" / "Give Up The Ghost," on Brutal Panda Records, and we're premiering both songs ahead of the single's official release. The single was produced by Spoon's Jim Eno, and he helps them achieve a warmer, more "indie rock" production style which suits these songs well.

Boyfrndz have always sounded very influenced by the proggy post-hardcore of fellow Texas band The Mars Volta, and that comes through on "Give Up The Ghost," which sounds straight out of that band's early 2000s era without feeling too retro or sounding like straight-up imitation. (It also works in some cool '60s garage-psych organ and some Axl Rose-worthy "na na na na!"s.) And then there's "Not Enough," which is a little funkier and poppier and shows off a slightly different side of Boyfrndz. It reminds me of the second album by the under-appreciated, hard-to-pin-down 2000s band Damiera, and if you were part of that band's niche audience, Boyfrndz will probably be right up your alley too. Listen below.