The Roots' Black Thought has pushed his anticipated new Sean C-produced solo album Streams of Thought, Vol. 3: Cane and Abel back to September 18 via Republic, but he did just release its most anticipated track, "Good Morning," the one featuring verses by Pusha T and Killer Mike and ad-libs by Swizz Beatz. Like Black Thought, Pusha T and Killer Mike both veterans who are also among the best doing it right now (as Freddie Gibbs, who has recently collaborated with all three of them, would agree), and they all bring out the best in each other on that song. "The space that I occupy in the world is somewhere between a Killer Mike and a Pusha T, between an activist and a street hero, a man of the people and a man of the streets," Thought told Variety. There's "an equal level of sportsmanship and musicianship" Thought adds, and you can hear it. They're challenging and competing with each other, but they also show off the kind of chemistry that can't be fabricated. It takes a lot of true talent to come together in this way, and these three just keep proving how much of it they've got.

The upcoming album also features appearances by Schoolboy Q, Portugal. The Man, and more. Listen to the new song below...


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