Almost exactly five years to the day after tons of indie musicians came together for a five-hour-long Grateful Dead tribute album, UK indie pop lifers Bombay Bicycle Club have released a cover of the Dead's 16-minute prog-pop opus "Terrapin Station" with help from their friends in the band Flyte. The original is one of the most unique songs in the Dead's catalog and some of their finest studio work, and Bombay Bicycle Club tap into the charm of the original while modernizing it and making it their own. It comes with a music video that takes place under the sea, which is a great fit for the aquatic reverb used on this one. It's a great cover -- check it out below.

On that 2016 indie Dead tribute album, this same song was expertly done by members of Grizzly Bear, The National, Bonny Light Horseman, and more.


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