Chromatics forever-delayed Dear Tommy is still be fiddled with by Johnny Jewel but they have pushed that aside for the moment (year? decade?) and have a whole other brand new album that is now upon us. Opening with a very Chromatics' version of Simon & Garfunkel's "Sound of Silence," Closer to Grey then leads into what might be the group's liveliest song ever, "You're No Good," and then they drop the icy title track (which has been around for a while). "Twist the Knife" and "Light as a Feather" are typically gleaming tracks from the group, while "Touch Red" is a gauzy slow jam you could imagine soundtracking an episode of '80s late night Showtime series The Red Shoe Diaries. Then there's the Jesus & Mary Chain’s "On the Wall." And more. You can listen to the whole album, their first in seven years, below.

The band's total statement on the new record is "Music is medicine." Perhaps this will be the cure for whatever's holding Dear Tommy back, or maybe it will be the salve to just move on.

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