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As you heard on the excellent lead single "I Want To Kill You," Citizen's upcoming fourth album Life In Your Glass World finds them injecting their mid 2000s emo/post-hardcore revival with the dance-punk of that same era, and the just-released third single "Black and Red" takes that same approach. It's fueled by a danceable backbeat and a choppy guitar riff that recalls the heyday of Bloc Party and Interpol (definitely some hints of "Banquet" in there), and Mat Kerekes seals the deal with the kind of super-sized flamboyant hooks that turned those early 2000s bands into stars. Still, as undeniable as the post-punk influence is, this sounds unmistakably like Citizen and it sounds fresh.

"The song is about someone who leeches off of your efforts and turns out to be a bad friend on top of that," Mat said. "Nick wrote the guitar line late in the writing process, but we had to use it and ended up being the last song we wrote for the record." Listen below.

Life In Your Glass World arrives 3/26 via Run For Cover, and you can pre-order it on galaxy blue and green swirl vinyl in our shop.