Sharon Van Etten has shared Courtney Barnett & Vagaon's cover of "Don't Do It" from epic Ten, where other artists take on all the songs from SVE's epic for its 10th anniversary. Says Sharon:

Courtney Barnett has been an important musical influence on me since 2014, when we first met at The Neptune theater in Seattle. From the first time we met, I felt like I made an immediate friend. From performing together, to having home hangs in between tours, commiserating with the very specific mixed feelings of tour life assimilating back to home life and figuring out the in between as we have been learning how to nurture our domestic lives while paying attention to our creative selves outside of the album and touring cycle. I admire Courtney’s writing style in that she has such a unique and intimate narrative approach while being personal and funny, without giving too much away. I feel connected to her music and perspective, while always wanting to learn more - and as a friend she has offered me guidance and advice while also being an ear when I have been in a rut or when I am in need of a new approach to look at my writing in a new way.⁣

It's a lovely version of the song, that sounds like all three artists. Listen below.

epic Ten is out April 16 via Ba Da Bing (pre-order) and the other tracks released so are IDLES' take on "Peace Signs,Lucinda Williams cover of "Save Yourself," Sharmir's take on "Dsharpg," and Big Red Machine's version of "A Crime." Also covering songs on the album: Fiona Apple, and more.

Sharon will also stream virtual concert for epic Ten on April 16 and 17. She and her band will perform epic in full from Zebulon in LA, and the stream will also feature a short documentary about the making of the album, and Zebulon's significance for Sharon and other musicians. Tickets are on sale now, and will benefit Zebulon.