Dave Hause recently announced two covers EPs, Patty and Paddy, which respectively cover the works of Patty Griffin and Patrick "Paddy" Costello of Dillinger Four, and which feature some cool guests. Dave recently released his cover of Patty Griffin's "Long Ride Home" (ft. Brian Fallon), and we're now premiering his cover of Dillinger Four's 1998 classic "Doublewhiskeycokenoice," with guest harmonies sung by Lilly Hiatt.

"I’ve been a fan of Dillinger Four when they put out Midwestern Songs Of The Americas in 1998," Dave tells us. "My high school band Step Ahead got to open for them and Kid Dynamite when they came to Philly and played Stalag 13. Paddy Costello’s songs always felt like working class anthems, but not in a cheesy, celebratory way, more of a lament of what it actually feels like to work your ass off day in, day out, and still not quite have enough."

He continues, "When I recorded this version of 'Doublewhiskeycokenoice,' I wanted to get that feeling of someone plunking around on a piano in a bar late at night when most people have gone home. I don’t hang around bars anymore, and neither does my friend Lilly Hiatt, who adds a beautiful and haunting vocal to the song, but we’ve both spent our fair share of time in them. So here it is…two sober people singing about drinking a few of your problems away."

That piano in a bar description is very apt, and as you may have guessed, this is a drastically reworked of the song. It turns the whiplash-inducing punk ripper into a melancholic ballad, but Dave still captures the essence of the D4 song. Hearing it performed like this also really goes to show you how strong the underlying melodies in those D4 classics really are. Listen for yourself below.

The EPs both drop on October 23. Pre-order them here.


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