Iconic indie label Kill Rock Stars is celebrating its 30th anniversary this year, and part of that is a covers singles series where they invite bands to interpret songs from the KRS catalog. The new installment of that is from Deerhoof, who have released an EP called Deerhoof Sandwich which is out now. In this sandwich, Deerhoof are the bread and the filling, as the EP opens with the band covering Sleater-Kinney's "Don't Talk Like" and finishes with a cover of LiLiPUT's "Hitch-hike." In between, there are Deerhoof covers by Wilco's Nels Cline (featuring Yuka Honda & Ches Smith), ShutupsShaylee (ft Kynwyn Sterling) and Death Cab for Cutie's Dave Depper.

"KRS has an enormous catalogue," say Deerhoof of their cover choices. "How do you choose? Something about the Sleater-Kinney song though, we had to try it. We wanted to celebrate one of these magic moments when they sounded like they didn't quite know what they were doing...when emotions were revelations, and dissonances collided in some mystery universe between intention and accident. We relate to that part of us that works just like a child. We wanted to take a question mark of a song and not answer it."

On the flip side, Dave Depper says, "Deerhoof freaked me out when I first heard them and they still kind of do - lightning-in-a-bottle kind of music, simultaneously so random and chaotic yet deeply composed and expertly played. It really shouldn't work but nearly always does."

You can listen to the whole Deerhoof Sandwich EP below.

If this puts you in the mood for more Sleater-Kinney, we've got many of their classic albums -- including Dig Me Out, Call the Doctor and Hot Rock -- in the BrooklynVegan shop, along with their new album, Path of Wellness for pre-order.


Deerhoof Sandwich tracklist:
1. Deerhoof “Don’t Talk Like” Sleater-Kinney cover
2. Nels Cline feat. Yuka & Ches “Jagged Fruit” Deerhoof cover
3. Shutups “Milk Man” Deerhoof cover
4. Shaylee feat. Kynwyn Sterling “The Tears and Music of Love” Deerhoof cover
5. Dave Depper “Twin Killers” Deerhoof cover
6. Deerhoof “Hitch-hike” LiLiPUT cover

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