Demons is the heavier punk/post-hardcore band of Mae guitarist Zach Gehring, and as mentioned, they're releasing their new album Privation on April 30 via Spartan Records (pre-order). Ahead of its release, we're premiering new single "Full Stop," which recalls '90s Touch & Go/AmRep type stuff (or newer bands like METZ) and puts a fresh, exciting spin on it.

"'Full Stop' is about, on the one hand, knowing what I’m angry about, but not knowing how to mobilize that anger and make it productive," Zach tells us. "Being in this wallowing state that is as frustrating as it is exhausting; on the other hand, it’s push back against empty sloganeered positivity. I remember seeing this post this friend of mine made one day about the power of 'the spirit' or something-or-other and I kind of recoiled. It just came off as very obtuse."

Listen here: