LAW Records and The Nowell Family Foundation have come together to release a tribute album to the late Sublime frontman Bradley Nowell, The House That Bradley Built, with proceeds going towards the creation of The Nowell Family Foundation's forthcoming Southern California rehab center, Bradley's House. Via press release:

The Nowell Family Foundation has a mission to build and sustain Bradley’s House, a 6-bed opioid recovery center for economically disadvantaged and struggling musicians, and to offer free services while musicians recover. Jim “Papa” Nowell reflects, “The vision for Bradley’s House is to create a place of hope and healing for people in the music industry. A place where creativity can be an outlet for transformation. A place where passion can be a motivation for change. A place where music can be a source of strength.”

[...] He continues, “Bradley’s music lives on in the hearts and minds of his fans and fellow musicians. Through the combined effort of everyone who has been touched by his music, Bradley’s House will happen. People will be transformed. Lives will be saved. And it will truly be the house that Bradley built. Thank you all for helping to keep my son’s music alive.”

Contributors to the compilation include Pennywise's Jim Lindberg, Mad Caddies, reggae veteran Half Pint, Long Beach Dub Allstars, Ras-1, Pepper, O.A.R., and more, and we're premiering the contribution by punk legends the Descendents, whose Milo Aukerman offers up an acoustic ukulele version of the Descendents' own "Hope," which Sublime covered on their 1992 debut album 40oz. to Freedom.

"I got to cover my own song acoustically for a Sublime covers project! So much fun," Milo says. "To record this version of 'Hope,' I used my six-string uke, also known as a "guitarlele." Changed a few lyrics in the bridge, because it's my song, dammit. Hope you all like it. I enjoyed doing this so much that I started recording a bunch of other uke songs, some of which will be released later this year." This cover is a pretty fun rendition, and with the loud, fast punkness stripped way, it really goes to show how strong the melodies on those early Descendents records really were. We look forward to hearing the other uke songs Milo has in store, but meanwhile, stream "Hope" below.

Common Kings – “Garden Grove”
Descendents – “Hope”
Long Beach Dub Allstars – “Little District”
Half Pint – “Lovin’”
Love – “April 29th, 1992”
Pepper – “Work That We Do”
Johnny Cosmic – “40 Oz. to Freedom”
Trevor Young of SOJA – “Santeria”
HIRIE – “Saw Red” (feat. Jason J.)
Mad Caddies – “New Song”
The Skints – “Get Ready”
Cydeways – “Let’s Go Get Stoned”
The Movement – “Get Out”
Leilani Wolfgramm – “New Realization”
Ballyhoo! – “S.T.P.”
O.A.R. – “Badfish”
Vana Liya – “The Ballad of Johnny Butt”
The Expanders – “Scarlet Begonias”
Jim Lindberg of Pennywise – “Boss D.J.”
RAS 1 – “Right Back”
Tunnel Vision – “Pool Shark”
Nice Mike – “Don’t Push”
Bert Susanka of The Ziggens – “Big Salty Tears”
Jim and Jake Nowell – “Rivers of Babylon”


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