Failure's sixth album Wild Type Droid arrives next week (12/3), and today they've shared its second single, "Submarines." Like lead single "Headstand," it's a heavy, melodic song that scratches the itch of '90s Failure without feeling like rehashed old ideas.

"The main riff appeared spontaneously during an endless jam, but ‘Submarines’ sounds like a song we’ve been waiting to write for years," Greg Edwards said. "These were the first lyrics written for the record, after the initial wave of Covid confusion and uncertainty. It’s a song about coming back to the surface, putting away your armor, ignoring willful idiocy, and getting back to life after a trauma. We’ve collectively lost our innocence with this plague and we need to fight the reflex to close-up and sink like a stone when risk and threat and fear seem to be everywhere."

Stream the new song and watch the recently released video for "Headstand" below...


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