Fiery Furnaces have just released their first new music in a decade. It's a new 7" single, out now via Third Man and featuring two new songs: "Down at the So and So on Somewhere" and "The Fortune Teller's Revenge" which were recorded back in February.

Eleanor and Matthew Friedberger say "Down at the So and So on Somewhere" is "a regretful song about having regrets. Now it seems even more sad than we thought it was back then: 'Will you meet me,' etc. Matthew was happy to use a Soviet drum machine. Eleanor was happy to play real drums."

As for "The Fortune Teller's Revenge," they characterize it as "another sad song," and add, "We cut out the lines from the first and third verse: 'with me; just kidding' and 'leave everything to me.' Matthew likes hearing Eleanor sing 'I'm sorry to say I've never made a mistake.' Eleanor likes that you can't quite tell who's singing what, when."

You can listen to "Down at the So and So on Somewhere," and read the lyrics, below. The single is also available as a bundle with a t-shirt and tote bag and a portion of proceeds from that will be donated to Black Lives Matter and AACM Chicago.

Fiery Furnaces were supposed to make their live return at the 2020 Pitchfork Festival which has been canceled due to COVID-19.


"Down at the So and So on Somewhere"
Trigonometry tutors often go to dance class three times a week,
you taught me that. At some point that night, connecting dots tangent to your cheek,
you check your timewarp watch in the car. The angle ain't all oblique:

There we were,
Down at the so and so on somewhere,
Cross town from where we were some other time.
Don't you remember? We were happy there.
Can you remember it? Right now

I can picture powder blue matches in the mirrors. And I had to go
Get things at the gas station. Fast forward to the last time, and apropos
Of nothing, called you up in a car the very same color so

It couldn't a been cuter,
Down at the so and so on someplace,
Not far from where you lived some other time.
Don't you remember we were happy then?
Can you remember when? Right now

The dog's asleep in its crate. And everything is right with the world. Perhaps.
But I wouldn't see you like that again for years. Now one can't make good the gaps
I wake up trying to text emoticons and XO all caps:

When was it ever enough? Was never enough,
Don't you remember? We were happy there?
Can you remember it right now:

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