If the Meet Me in the Bathroom documentary didn’t satiate your need for wild stories of sex, drugs and rock n’ roll in NYC in the early 2000s, singer songwriter Fletcher C Johnson is here to help. Having played in The Weight before starting a solo career (his most recent album is 2019’s Are You Feelin It?), Fletcher is one of the finest bartenders Brooklyn has known for the last two decades, and has seen and lived a lot while here. He’s put that accumulated knowledge into podcast, Listening to Fletcher C Johnson, which has previously tackled such subjects as fashion and STDs. Both those seem like just a primer for the new season’s three-part mini-series “The Complete History of Williamsburg.”

Here’s Fletcher’s intro for the first episode: “In the year 2000 it was NOT okay to be indie AND horny. Not Allowed! But through a string of 80s nights, gay clubs, and indie songs with disco backbeats horniness seeped back into the alternative community (to the dismay of some).” Other subjects within “The Complete History of Williamsburg” include Todd P, McCarren Park’s “vagina tree,” wild Alantans, the Pool Parties, Fletcher’s ability to live well on almost nothing, debaucherous spots like Royal Oak and Savalas, and lots more. It should be said this is FCJ’s complete history of Williamsburg as he experienced it, so it may not be your complete history of Williamsburg and it’s certainly not Williamsburg’s Complete History, but is nonetheless a very eventaining podcast series by a man who lived through it and is still here to tell the tale.

Listen here and below.