As mentioned, a bunch of cool punk and ska bands are coming together for ...And Out Come the Lawsuits, the upcoming tribute to Rancid's ...And Out Come the Wolves that's due in July via Lavasocks/Sell The Heart (click the label links to pre-order). We recently posted Link 80's cover of "Junkie Man," and we're now premiering the cover of "Time Bomb" by one of our favorite current ska bands, Flying Raccoon Suit.

"Time Bomb" is of course one of the most overtly ska songs on AOCTW, and Flying Raccoon Suit are a perfect band to take it on. They stay pretty faithful to the original, but they also spice up their version by adding in rich horn arrangements. "Rancid was one of those bands that we all listened to when we were first getting into ska as teens," FRS' Andrew Heaton tells us. "We even used to cover '11th Hour' in our live show during our early years, and covering Rancid also fit us pretty well because Jessica and I also do the two-vocalists thing they do for trade offs in a lot of their songs. Being able to put our own spin on 'Time Bomb' was super fun and it's something that could translate well to a live show!" Let's hope we do in fact get to hear them play this live soon. The cover is great stuff and you can hear it below.

You can also stream the Link 80, Get Married, Sarchasm, and Worriers covers below. The comp also features Omnigone, Matamoska, and more.

Earlier this year, we interviewed Flying Raccoon Suit about their very good new album Afterglow.




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