Fuss, the new band fronted by Shinobu's Bob Vielma that also features Joyce Manor's Chase Knobbe on guitar and drummer Nick Aguilar (Slaughterhouse, Mike Watt, Neighborhood Brats), are gearing up to release their Jeff Rosenstock-produced debut album We're Not Alone on January 14 via Phat 'n' Phunky and Lost Sound Tapes, and we're now premiering its second single "But It's A Dry Heat."

"The world can really get you down if you let it, and for good reason: things are a mess!" Bob tells us. "I started noticing a lot of negativity around me, in my own outlook on the world, and in the behavior of some people around me, and I just started feeling like that's absolutely not how I want to spend what precious time I have left. The saguaro cactus lives 150-200 years in some of the harshest conditions imaginable, upright and tall, the core of an entire ecosystem. I want to be as strong as that, around other strong, resilient people, ready to face reality with curiosity, courage and love."

The song is also an ode of sorts to all of the sweet Arizonans I've had the pleasure of meeting over the years," Bob continues, "from the bands Diners and Dogbreth, who gave my DIY rock life its second wind in the mid 2010s, to old friends like AJJ and The Minibosses, whose members contributed to our record. There's a real magic out there that the world should know about."

The song may be inspired by negativity, but it's a fun, upbeat, catchy song on the surface, perfectly capturing the simple, breezy pleasures of DIY indie rock. Check it out below...

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