While we wait for Guided by Voices to announce a new album (it probably won't be long), fans can dig into Heaven Beats Iowa, the debut EP from Cub Scout Bowling Pins who the record's press release call "a new secret identity" of the "indie rock super-heroes."

Robert Pollard never deviates too far from the kind of hooky indie rock he's known for, and  CSBP are no different, with song titles like "Gear Balloon Mousetrap" and "Funnel Cake Museum" that seem like they were created from a Pollard Kitchen Magnet Poetry kit (something that should actually exist). "Funnel Cake Museum" in particular is a winner, as is Heaven Beats Iowa's very '60s-inspired title track.

You can order the EP, which comes on 7" and is limited to 1000 copies worldwide, here and listen to the whole thing below

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