With the coronavirus pandemic keeping many of us home a lot more, we've been asking artists to make us playlists of the music they've been listening to in isolation, and this one comes from Massachusetts heavy post-rockers HarborLights, whose first album for Deathwish Isolation Ritual came out last year. The band writes:

These are undoubtedly some of the strangest times that we have lived in. We wanted to pick songs that really summed up the spectrum of thoughts that we can end up stuck with while self-isolating. With so much negativity everywhere, it seems to be a good time to fall into old favorites and remember what made them so great. Beyond that, there’s a drastic dichotomy between feeling completely comfortable and simultaneously having to consider that the world might actually be collapsing around you. While these are ideas that pop up from time to time, having them shift back and forth so quickly right now makes this environment unique. This playlist runs through complete chaos, denial, comfort, and acceptance.

Their playlist includes songs by Cult Leader, Slipknot, Code Orange, Touche Amore, Phoebe Bridgers, Moving Mountains, The Postal Service, and more. Read on for their list...


Cult Leader – "The Broken Right Hand of God"

Slipknot – "Not Long for This World"

Code Orange – "In Fear"

Banks – "Goddess"

Touché Amoré – "Harbor"

The Clash – "Straight to Hell"

The Smiths – "The Queen is Dead"

Phoebe Bridgers – "Garden Song"

Moving Mountains – "Parts in Different Places"

The Postal Service – "Sleeping In"

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