IDLES have had a go at remixing St Vincent's "Pay Your Way in Pain" off this year's Daddy's Home. If you're expecting the band to turn the song into an punk ripper, that's not what this is, but they have radically transformed it, stripping it down and scuffing it up.

"What I really enjoy about the Daddy’s Home album is using this camp energy in a really violent way,” says IDLES' Mark Bowen. “This embracing of the nostalgic even the kitsch but using it to make progressive futuristic music. It reminded me a lot of the energy of early house and techno but wrapped up in this early '70s aesthetic. I wanted to ramp up the camp and the violence in the remix but still maintain the sentiments and sensibilities of the original track.”

Listen to the remix below.

Daddy's Home has made a few Best of 2021 lists (Mojo, Rolling Stone) as has IDLES' Crawler (Rough Trade, Mojo). You can pick up Crawler on color vinyl, and other records by the band, in the BV shop.

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