Playing off his new JARV IS... single "House Music All Night Long," Jarvis Cocker has DJ'd from his home the past two Saturdays via his Instagram account, which he's calling "Domestic Disco." His sets have included actual house music, but also tracks by The Cure, Nelly, Black Sabbath, Stereolab, Bill Withers, Spacemen 3, David Bowie, X-Ray Spex, Vivien Goldman, Ram Jam, KC & The Sunshine Band, Will Powers, Tubeway Army and lots more. His Label, Rough Trade, has gathered up a lot of those songs and put them into a Spotify playlist which you can listen to, and check out the written playlists for both Domestic Disco livestreams, below. Jarvis will be doing it again this Saturday (April 18) from 4-6 PM Eastern (9-11 PM BST).

Meanwhile, Jarvis has also been recording "Bedtime Stories" for his Instagram as well, and this week's was "The Spring Tune" by Tove Jansson and the first edition was "Times Square in Montana" by Richard Brautigan. (ASMR fans take note.) Listen to that below.

The JARV IS... album, Beyond the Pale, was supposed to be out May 1 but has been postponed to September 4.

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