We’ve been listening to Jeff Rosenstock and Fiona Apple’s new albums a lot this year, and with both artists on our mind so often, it reminded us of when Jeff covered Fiona Apple’s “Anything We Want” on 2013's Summer +, a Bandcamp-only expanded edition of his Summer 7", which also includes covers of Neil Young, Throwing Muses and other bonus tracks. The original, which appeared on Fiona's previous album, 2012's The Idler Wheel..., is a rhythmic piano-fueled slow-burner, but Jeff's version makes things a little more upbeat, adding in distorted electronics and some of the crashing indie-punk he's now best known for. It's an awesome rendition that finds Jeff doing justice to the original while also totally making it his own, and if you've never heard it or haven't listened in a while, we recommend giving it a spin below.

Jeff also just tore it up on Seth Meyers last night, and he recently launched the 2020 DUMP project on Bandcamp, where he'll release songs he records at home during the pandemic this year. He's not asking you to pay for them, but he says if you do want to spend money on it, all of it will go to charitable causes. It's worth noting that this Friday (10/2) is another of Bandcamp's fundraisers, during which Bandcamp waives their cut of sales, so if you're looking to donate, this Friday would be a good day to do so.

For more on Jeff, read our recent Q&A with him.

As for Fiona Apple, she'll be performing at the virtual New Yorker Festival on October 10.

Listen to Jeff's Fiona cover:

And here's Fiona's original to compare: