You may know Jon Daly from Kroll Show, Bob's Burgers, I'm Dying Up Here, Curb Your Enthusiasm and other funny stuff, but he also makes music, and just released a new album, Ding Dong Delicious, via Northern Spy. Made with Man Man's Cyrus Ghahremani, the album features appearances from Devendra Banhart, Mary Timony (Helium, Ex Hex), and The Trap Set's Joe Wong. Every song is a different genre, with everything from country ("Eatin' Pussy with DJ Khaled) to ska ("Bring Back Ska," though it never left) and homages to Devo, Roxy Music, The Jesus and Mary Chain, and more.

Unlike Tim Heidecker's albums, Jon's songs are joke-forward, and you can listen to the album, and watch videos for "Addicted to Computers" (ft Fat Tony and Euphoria's Martha Kelly), "Cheer Me Up!" (a shot-for-shot remake of Rolling Stones' "Start Me Up"), and "Eatin' Pussy with DJ Khaled" (not featuring DJ Khaled) below.


1. Addicted to Computers 02:34
2. Bring Back Ska 01:39
3. Eatin' Pussy with DJ Khaled 04:47
4. My Friends 02:20
5. The Auld Triangle 00:24
6. Whistle Tap Jonny 02:29
7. Gril U Got Me Cummin' 00:42
8. Helen Keller 02:26
9. Profile Picture 02:39
10. Keep Calm (The Earth is Flat) 02:54
11. Rock 'n' Roll Sitcom 01:38
12. The Snowman (2017) 02:43
13. Don't Yuck My Yum 02:08
14. I Just Do This 02:20
15. Fatty Daddy 02:57
16. Cheer Me Up 03:13
17. Love Is So Simple 02:57

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