Joni Mitchell is gearing up to release the massive Joni Mitchell Archives Vol. 1: The Early Years (1963 To 1967) box set, which includes some never-before-heard material from her early days, and today she shared a demo of her first original song, "Day After Day." The recording was done on August 24, 1965 for a demo she recorded for Elektra Records co-founder Jac Holzman. That demo also included “What Will You Give Me,” “Let It Be Me,” “The Student Song,” and “Like the Lonely Swallow.”

The minimal song features just Joni and her acoustic guitar, and it's as hauntingly gorgeous as all the music that eventually did end up on her 1968 debut album. Listen below.

More info on the box set, full tracklist, and a stream of Joni's recently released "House of the Rising Sun" cover from 1963 (her earliest known recording) here.