Sigur Ros frontman Jonsi's first solo album in ten years, Shiver, arrives this Friday (10/2) via Krunk, and after recently sharing the song with Cocteau Twins' Liz Fraser, Jonsi has now shared the album's other collaboration: the song with Robyn. Compared to the ambient pop of the previous singles, this one finds Jonsi and co-producer A.G. Cook making something that's more chaotic and more danceable, and Robyn is the perfect fit for it.

"‘Salt Licorice’ is such a cute and perfect pop song," says Robyn. "It makes me want to dance violently and make out at the same time. It was a no-brainer to say yes to singing it with Jónsi. The pretty emails I get with a thousand emojis in them from him is a bonus that came with our collaboration as well!"



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