Bikini Kill's Erica Dawn Lyle and Vice Cooler are releasing a new album, Land Trust - Benefit for the NEFOC, which features collaborations with Kathleen Hanna, The Raincoats, Alice Bag, The Linda Lindas, Kelley Deal and more, and will benefit Northeast Farmers of Color Land Trust. They've just shared "Debt Collector," which features lead vocals from Kim Gordon. It's a methodical track with lots of atmosphere and dread punctuated by bursts of noise -- a perfect setting for Kim.

“I’m a bit obsessed with what’s happening with these big financial corporations like Blackrock and Blackstone buying up houses, becoming landlords," says Gordon of the song. "They pay far beyond a house's value, putting home ownership even out of the range of the middle class – much less working class.”

“Kim created a very powerful lyrical statement on real estate and land, and the companies that have been purchasing (and laundering) properties at the expense of low-income and working class housing,” says Cooler, who directed the song's video. “Her lyrics really resonated with me because I’ve been displaced from three homes as an adult and I hold a constant anxiety that I won’t be able to obtain stable housing at all – let alone be able to afford a home.”

You can watch the video below.

Land Trust - Benefit for the NEFOC will be out June 3, and is available to preorder now.

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