Politically outspoken LA punks Total Massacre have been releasing a series of topical, fired-up singles lately, including "Cocaine Mitch," "Get Rich or Try Dying," and "Pro​-​Life Death Cult," and they're now back with another one, "Pick Yer Poison." It's an anti-capitalist rager that puts a fresh spin on '80s hardcore and street punk, and frontman Cap’n No Fun's gravelly but ever-so-slightly melodic voice is perfect for this kind of thing. Here's what he says about the song:

True story: one of many weird jobs I’ve had in my life was working the night-shift at a vitamin factory. So the pills arrive in these massive burlap sacks, get hoisted up by a little crane, and then a worker splits the bag open over a big conveyor belt. That conveyor belt then sends half the pills down one line to be packaged into the name brand bottles, and the other half into the store brand bottles that cost about half as much. Now I know it’s only an anecdote, but that always stuck with me, and I’m pretty sure that’s how like 90% of our economy works. If the choices we made meant anything, they wouldn’t give them to us.

To make sure their message doesn't get lost, they've also got a lyric video for the song, which plays off the single artwork (designed by Justin Moll). That premieres right here:

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