Lake Ruth, the trio featuring members of Enon, The New Lines, and The Eighteenth Day of May, will release their second album, Birds of America, on Friday (2/16). The group draws influence from from baroque psychedelia, '60s film soundtracks, Serge Gainsbourg and motoroik krautrock, for a pristine, groovy, retro-futuristic pop sound. The obvious comparison is to Broadcast (or even Saint Etienne and The Cardigans) but Lake Ruth are not as clinical -- singer Allison Brice has a warm, inviting voice and the arrangements are not as alien landscape-y. With this one, they've carved out their own gorgeous nook in a specific sonic universe, and Birds of America is a better record all-around than their terrific debut, with stronger songs and chemistry from these three playing live together over the last couple years. The cover art -- which is taken from a detail of Edinburgh artist Alan Mills, Jr's 2016 painting "The Birth of Socialism" -- is striking as well. A stream of the whole album premieres in this post and you can listen to it below.

Pre-order Birds of America (only 500 vinyl copies pressed).