One of the standouts from Liars' 2021 album The Apple Drop was the snarling "My Pulse to Ponder." They've now given that song over to Brooklyn's P.E. (Pill + Eaters) to remix. Taking just one line from the song -- "I gotcha" -- P.E. have turned it into a saxy, skronky club track that is basically a whole new, awesome song.

“I’d classify ‘My Pulse To Ponder’ as the zaniest track from The Apple Drop so it felt apt to hand it over to the happiest band I know - P.E. Jonathan Schenke, as part of his day job, mixed The Apple Drop and so already had deep insight into the song’s inner workings," says Liars' Angus Andrew. "In fact, while mixing ‘My Pulse To Ponder’, JS had wielded significant influence by encouraging me to push this song further to its extreme - at which point a horn section was added.”

P.E.'s Jonathan Schenke adds: "One of the recurring conversations between Angus and members of P.E. has been about how affable people get known for making 'dark' music, and ways to bring 'fun' into the mix without sounding too corny. With the 'I Gotcha!' remix of ‘My Pulse To Ponder’, we scavenged samples from the original and reshaped them into something completely different, a Frankenstein-ed banger built from two different directions. Staying true to the maximalist palette of The Apple Drop, we dubbed, scrubbed, washed and dried ‘My Pulse To Ponder’ until it resembled both of our worlds, like looking through a kaleidoscope at both bands. As the single artwork suggests, the song sounds like peeling back LIARS to reveal the sneaky shock of P.E. freaking out behind the curtain.”

Listen to P.E.'s "I Gotcha" remix and Liars' original below.

P.E. released The Leather Lemon earlier this year.

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