Following the IDLES and Big Red Machine covers of songs from Sharon Van Etten's 2010 album epic comes one from alt-country legend Lucinda Williams of "Save Yourself."

Sharon posted the above photo and wrote, "Here is a photo with me, Lucinda Williams, and Nora Guthrie after Lucinda’s show in Tarrytown in May 2016. This was the first time Lucinda and I met. I shyly came back stage after being invited and she walked up to me with a glass of wine in her hand singing 'Every time the sun comes up I'm in trouble...'. I wanted to cry. Cannot believe she made the time to cover my song with such devotion.⁣"

"Devotion" is a good way to put it; Lucinda stays faithful to Sharon's version and even adopts some of her inflections in the process, but she also sings it like she wrote it, and it's a treat to hear this Sharon Van Etten classic in Lucinda's unmistakable voice. Listen and compare it to the original below.

Update: Sharon also adds:

I am in tears listening to Lucinda Williams’ interpretation of Save Yourself - owning my words, watching her perform, giving it her heart. How does one express waking up from a dream and the feeling that a legend in your eyes is connecting with your music? Not many get to see and hear it happen. In these distant and impalpable moments, I am touched. Lucinda represents not just a singer and writer, but a poet - one who has helped me reconnect with my mother and find a new voice in my own music as I continue to explore songwriting beyond my melodies and my voice, but through my words and stories. Lucinda and her band covering my song helps me feel my narrative isn’t isolated and living in my diary, but a page that everyone can rip out in some way and paste in their own journal.⁣⁣

Sharon's full album of epic covers, titled epic Ten, also features versions of her songs by Fiona Apple, Courtney Barnett and Vagabon, Shamir, and St. Panther, and it arrives April 16 via Ba Da Bing (pre-order). Sharon will celebrate with livestreams on April 16 & 17 that will find Sharon and her band performing epic live from Zebulon LA, and which will also feature a short documentary about the making of the album. Tickets are on sale and benefit Zebulon.