Their name may make some think of classic musical The Music Man, but this Gary, Indiana call Manchester, England their home sweet home and are here to obliterate any other associations from your mind. The band make a pummeling, near-industrial brand of post-punk that's both danceable and gut-punching. Vocalist Valentine Caulfield delivers her lyrics in her native French with a dry, icy tone that intensifies the group's stark sound. Also adding to that vibe is the group's prefered working method, recording in actual industrial spaces so they can feed off their environment energy.

Gary, Indiana released their debut single, "Berlin," a year ago and followed it up with two more 2020 singles, “Nike of Samothrace" and “Pashto.” The band have now signed with Fire Talk and are working on their debut album and while we wait they're just released a new single. The band have cited the works of filmmaker Gaspar Noe as an influence (you can definitely feel that) but they may be David Fincher fans too, as the new single is titled "Alien 3." The band describe it as "a dark tale of violence, defiance and rebellion. The words, almost whispered and monotone, are a declaration of power: I know what you're doing, the victim says; but I won't be on my knees anymore."

You can watch the video for "Alien 3," and listen to the group's three other singles, below.

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