Swedish heavyweights Meshuggah have released their new album The Violent Sleep of Reason. You can now listen to the whole, monstrous thing. They've also shared a video for the first song on the album, "Clockworks," a computer-generated, progged-out clip for the mind-bending song.

It's fitting that Meshuggah are touring with High on Fire behind this album, as the two bands actually seem somewhat similar in terms of career arc at this point. While Meshuggah were credited early on mainly for their sonic innovation (for essentially inventing the djent genre and spawning a slew of lesser imitators), their discography is now marked by the kind of consistency that a band like High On Fire is so widely praised for. Ever since they peaked in artiness with Catch-33, Meshuggah have essentially released a series of plain old good Meshuggah albums, which is more than enough when a band's sound is this unique and well wrought.

With The Violent Sleep of Reason they still aren't setting out to reinvent their sound. They just deliver some of the most skull-crunchingly effective heavy music out there, music whose compositional density does nothing to diminish its raw power. Songs like "Clockworks," "Born in Dissonance," "Stifled" and "Our Rage Won't Die" are among the best in their catalogue, their signature rhythmic chicanery a means to punch you in the gut repeatedly and with no advance notice. As usual Thomas Haake's drumming is off the charts, his ability to carry complex grooves while maintaining a sense of soul still astonishing. It's a typically exhausting, exhilarating listen from these legends.

That tour with High on Fire stops in the NYC area for two shows, at the Playstation Theater on November 3 and in NJ at the Starland Ballroom on November 5. Tickets for both shows are still on sale.

Listen to The Violent Sleep of Reason and watch the video for "Clockworks" below.