Mindforce's upcoming sophomore LP New Lords is one of the most anticipated albums in hardcore at the moment, and its lead single "Survival Is Vengeance" is one of the best singles in recent memory, so we are very excited that today we get to hear a second taste of the album, "Words Fail." This one's got even more of a metallic chug than "Survival Is Vegeance," and Mindforce continue to be true riff masters. And like on "Survival," vocalist Jay Peta's barks are catchy without toning down any of his usual aggression. And even as Mindforce embrace metal riffs, they keep things to a hardcore punk running time: 96 seconds. Check it out below.

The album drops 9/16 via Triple B, and we've got an exclusive orange, blue & green splatter vinyl variant up for pre-order, limited to just 300 copies.

Two Mindforce members also play in No Souls Saved, who just released their debut EP Not One Saved, which we've got on exclusive coke bottle clear vinyl.


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