Riverside, California hardcore band Moxiebeat released their self-titled debut EP way back in 2013 on Vitriol Records, and now they're finally set to release their first full-length, Pop Sounds, on October 30 via their own Ethospine Noise label (pre-order). If you're unfamiliar with this unique band, their bio provides some helpful background:

Moxiebeat is not just a band, but an Inland Empire collective of sorts that have worked to push their ethics in the form of creating local safe spaces for artists and activists, a record label (Ethospine Noise) since 2001, and music since 2013. It is a three piece noisy punk band made up of Tomas L. Acosta (Tomasacre) on drums, Brent Aragon (B-Train) as bassist/vocalist, and Fritz Aragon (Zufos) as guitarist/vocalist. Members of the band are also founding members of Riverside community radical space, Blood Orange Infoshop (RIP). Activities there included “art shows, running nazis out of town, harm reduction, homeless advocacy, and general activism.” Here, they booked similarly radical, heavy, and DIY-based bands like The Evens, Alice Bag, Cloud Rat, ACXDC, Hot Nerds, Despise You, Loma Prieta, Thou, The Body, Shit Coffins, and Graf Orlock. Rather than list bands as influences, Moxiebeat draws inspiration from friends, art, activism, everyday people and the greater DIY community. Given this, it’s no surprise that, when asked about the themes or lyrical/musical concepts found in Pop Sounds, the response was that it covers such topics as “death, despair, isolation, vulnerability, justice, activism, and destroying shit.”

The album was recorded by Torche's Jonathan Nuñez and mastered by From Ashes Rise's Brad Boatright, and we're premiering the 39-second ripper "Kill Reset," which Brent Aragon says this about:

Were you burned out before the pandemic?
Is life not working out?
Have you failed more than once?
Is the repetition wearing you thin?
Does the uncertainty fuck with your mental health?
Have you discovered you’re not special?

Listen here:

Anxious Again
Narito Kami
Peoples Protection Program
Better Healing
Fool Display
Different Damnage
Long Term Future Society
Centuries of Reinforcement
Theatre Melt
Memory Gland
Death Air
Citizen of The World
Kill Reset
Kingdom Crumbs


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