by Andrew Sacher

Museum Mouth

Southport, NC's Museum Mouth churn out lo-fi Superchunk/Archers of Loaf-style indie rock, but the first thing you'll notice is probably vocalist Karl Kuehn, whose voice is somewhere between a nasally whine and an angsty shout. The way it comes in on new single "Drool" is jarring, and can even be a little off-putting at first. But indie rock has always been a place for unpolished, untrained vocalists to shine, and throughout the course of "Drool"'s 2+ minutes, Kuehn starts to do just that.

I wrote the above about "Drool" from the new Museum Mouth album, Alex I Am Nothing, which comes out today (5/27) via Self Aware Records. The whole record delivers on that promise of nasally, unpolished indie rock, as you can hear for yourself by streaming it in its entirety in this post. If you like what you hear, the record can be purchased at the Self Aware webstore.

Listen below...


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