Next week (9/8), Neil Young will release his lost 1976 acoustic album Hitchhiker. The album features early versions of songs that later appeared on albums, including "Pocahontas," "Powderfinger," and "Ride My Llama," (Rust Never Sleeps), "Human Highway" (Comes A Time), "The Old Country Waltz" (American Stars 'n Bars), "Captain Kennedy" (Hawks & Doves), "Campaigner" (the Decade compilation), and the title track, which wasn't on a studio album until 2010's Le Noise. It's also got two previously-unreleased songs, "Hawaii" and "Give Me Strength."

Neil recorded the storied album in one day with producer David Briggs, armed with no more than an acoustic guitar, piano, and harmonica. This new release has post-production by John Hanlon. Listen to the whole album below, via NPR.

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