by Andrew Sacher


Olympia's Nudity contain members of a handful of other bands from their local scene, including Broken Water, Hysterics, The Need, Sex/Vid and more. When they come together, they create what sounds like a combination of a ton of well-known bands, but not specifically like any one of them. I've seen people compare them to Judas Priest, but also to Devo. And when you listen, both comparisons actually make perfect sense. They've got Priest's riffage, Devo's frantic quirk, and a whole lot of rock and roll swagger. Their new album, Astronomican, comes out April 7 via Iron Lung Records (pre-order), and we've got the premiere of opening track "White Hot Gold" in this post.

Checking this out is highly recommended, and you can do so below...



1 - White Hot Gold
2 - Lectric Motions
3 - (I've Got The) Death Energy
4 - Myrna Loy / Leatrice Joy
5 - Carnal Heart
6 - Light & Grace
7 - Astronomicon
8 - Washed
9 - Here Comes The White Light

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