Psychic Ills frontman Tres Warren died last week and the band's label, Sacred Bones, has now shared two newly recorded covers: The Beach Boys' “Never Learn Not to Love” (from 1969s 20/20) and Charles Manson’s “Cease to Exist." As you may know, "Never Learn Not to Love" was based on/originally written as "Cease to Exist" but credited to Dennis Wilson with changes to the arrangement and lyrics. Manson's version would end up on 1970 album Lie: The Love and Terror Cult, which was released after he was incarcerated. “The soulfulness is what has always spoken to me in those songs," Warren said. "I gravitate towards that (soul) in music, and both of these songs have it in spades. I almost shed a tear every time I hear Dennis Wilson sing.”

Warren added that “we wanted to honor the originals, but we didn’t want to cover them note for note... we wanted to bring them to where we are.” Here's more background on the 7" from Sacred Bones:

At the time of his death, Tres was overflowing with creativity, actively writing new songs, and excited about the next phase of the band. He was preparing to go into the studio alongside longtime collaborator Elizabeth Hart and their bandmates to record the sixth Psychic Ills full-length, which was supposed to be out this fall. While those songs were tragically not recorded, the band did record a pair of covers for a new 7-inch, which we’re sharing today.

You can listen to both sides of the 7" below and you can order you copy now.

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