Secret Fun Club, the duo of drummer Sal Gallegos (ex-Some Girls) and bassist John Rieder, have been slowly rolling out cover songs lately, and we're now premiering their take on Fugazi's In on the Kill Taker instrumental track "Sweet and Low." Gallegos and Rieder recorded this one with former SFC member Nathan Joyner on guitar and Nathan Hubbard on Rhodes piano and vibraphone. Gallegos says, "We recorded [the track] in John's condo because it has nice wood floors and we figured it would make the upright sound cool. The guitar was recorded with my big hollow body guitar and the amp placed in John's shower. I used John's little Jazz kit. We had a blast recording." The cover is pretty faithful to the original, but SFC do it well and give it a little of their own twist. Listen below.

In other Fugazi news, Ian MacKaye and Joe Lally are now busy with their new band Coriky.

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