Fans of ska and screamo/post-hardcore, rejoice! Skatune Network‘s latest cover is a ska-core take on Touche Amore‘s “Flowers and You,” and their version nails the perfect balance of staying true to the charm of the original but making it ska. And it got a co-sign from Touche themselves. Check it out below.

Skatune Network leader Jeremy Hunter also recently released their debut album of original music as JER, Bothered / Unbothered, and you can pick up our exclusive yellow vinyl variant, on its own or bundled with other Bad Time Records titles.

JER also recently participated in a star-studded ska-core cover, of Folly’s “Broken,” and Folly recently added a slew of Bad Time Records bands as openers for their upcoming reunion shows.

For even more Bad Time Records, listen to our new podcast episode with Mike Park and Catbite in celebration of their upcoming split 12″.

UPDATE (8/17): JER is also now the latest guest on Touche Amore vocalist Jeremy Bolm’s First Ever Podcast. Check that out below too.

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