Spoon, whose anticipated 10th album Lucifer on the Sofa is due out soon, have just released a cover of David Bowie's Blackstar standout “I Can’t Give Everything Away” as part of the Amazon Originals series.

“’I Can’t Give Everything Away’ is a tune Alex and I have been playing since we learned it for an acoustic and piano show in Mexico City in 2016,” says Britt Daniel. “It’s just a fantastic song, and as the last song on Bowie's final album it doesn't disappoint. We recorded this version live in December 2021.”

Spoon's version is decidedly different than Bowie's, more intimate and chill. Listen to that and the original below.

Lucifer on the Sofa is out February 11 via Matador.

See pictures from Spoon's 2021 White Eagle Hall show below.

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