Manchester duo The KVB are back with their first new music since their 2019 Submersion EP. "World on Fire" is driving and danceable, drony and dreamy, with a hint of early-'90s Madchester rave psychedelia. Also: very catchy.

“'World On Fire' was written in late 2019 and at its core it’s about duality and how a phrase like 'set the world on fire, which sounds so destructive, is also about doing something remarkable," say The KVB. "We wanted it to be a phrase that is deliberately open to interpretation in this song. Over time we have all become desensitised to bad news and horrific events through television and social media. In much the same way as people slow down to look at a car crash, it feels like we’ve all become more and more obsessed with watching the world on fire."

The "World on Fire" video was directed by Kat Day and features a spiraling tower of blazing televisions, which is a very now image. It premieres below.

"World on Fire" is out July 21 via Invada Records, the label run by Geoff Barrow of Portishead and Beak>. The KVB have some UK tour dates on the horizon, including a few this week, and those are listed below.

The KVB UK Live Dates
22nd July - Sidney & Matilda, Sheffield
23rd July - Latitude Festival
24th July - A Love Parasite (Studio 9294), London
21st August - Jimmy's, Liverpool
29th September - Peckham Audio, London