The 15th episode of Justin Pearson and Luke Henshaw's Cult and Culture podcast is here, and this one features W.T. Nelson of Bastard Noise, Man is the Bastard, Sleestak, Geronimo, and more. The description reads:

The concept of Cult and Culture began as a short segment created by Justin Pearson, an internationally known musician, record label owner (Three One G Records), author, and actor. He is best known as bassist/vocalist for bands such as Dead Cross, The Locust, and Retox. Justin has come to know and work with a broad spectrum of captivating personalities and brilliant minds, many of which are key figures in the realm of popular culture and cult followings alike. John Waters was one of the first people interviewed for the project- an icon of both cult and culture. Other guests include a broad scope of musicians, producers, authors, and anyone passionate about what they do. In its infancy, segments were shorter, 10-20 minutes, and would be recorded while on tour. Since then, Pearson has collaborated with producer and musician Luke Henshaw (Planet B, Sonido de la Frontera) to build the idea into a proper podcast, now recorded at Penguin Studios in San Diego. The focus is not intended to be solely on people in any one realm, and because guests are friends and family, the conversations are frank, informal, well-informed and genuine.

Episode 15 features W.T. Nelson. This fascinating artist and sound scientist has been a part of such noise/experimental/power violence projects such as Bastard Noise, Man is the Bastard, Sleestak, Geronimo, and others, as well as being founder of Trogotronic audio instruments, hand built in California. This episode offers a glimpse into the inventive, ever-curious mind of Nelson, that which inspires him sonically (including flutes), polarizing music (like Steely Dan and GG Allin), and the processes, thinking behind, and future of some of his creations.

Listen to the episode below.

In conjunction with the episode, all of Geronimo's releases in the Three One G webstore are 50% off from today through October 8.

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