The Wedding Present's new album Going, Going... is out today. It's a sprawling, 20-track travelogue that comes with a video for every song that frontman David Gedge made with photographer Jessica McMillan. In some ways this is a very different album for the Weddoes -- it begins with four string-laden instrumentals that hearken back to Gedge's other band Cinerama -- but in other ways they are remarkably preserved in amber. Gedge is 56 but still plays guitar like his arm's on fire and "Birdsnest" and "Secretary" could've been on one of their '80s albums. Few people also have a grip on dynamics like Gedge who employs those loud-quiet-loud skills masterfully on 10-minute closer "Santa Monica." Lyrically, he is still obsessed on one subject: the many hues of love. Like most double LPs, Going, Going... would be better whittled down to 45 minutes. Wedding Present fans will find lots to love here, though, like the soaring "Fifty-Six," the bouncy "Kill Devil Hills," and "Bear" which recalls the band's Seamonsters heyday. You can stream the whole thing via Spotify, and check out a few of the videos, below.

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