There's not one but THREE albums coming out this Friday (10/30) that have music by Thou. There's Thou's collaborative album with Emma Ruth Rundle, and they've contributed covers to Magnetic Eye Records' Alice In Chains Dirt tribute and Black Sabbath Vol. 4 tribute. You've already heard their take on AIC's "Them Bones," and now their take on Sabbath's "Wheels of Confusion" has arrived. It's far from Thou's first Sabbath cover, and as always, they really know how to tap into the spirit of this band and simultaneously make it their own.

"I really got into Black Sabbath through digging through my parents’ record collection when I was about 13," Thou guitarist Andy Gibbs told Consequence of Sound. "My dad had the self-titled record and a sealed copy of Master of Reality that he got for free through one of those Columbia House type deals (he wasn’t really a fan). It was early winter and I remember the weather being really dreary, very apropos of the music. I didn’t come to Vol. 4 until much later when I did a deep dive through the entire catalog, and ‘Wheels of Confusion’ always stood out to me. The opening sequence is just much more emotive than most of the album; there’s a lot more depth in the song lyrically than some of the others too."

Andy also said, "I think I was most excited about making that first section really heavy. The Sabbath version doesn’t have a rhythm guitar track, and Iommi is playing that lead, so I thought that was a good chance to really lay into those root notes and pull all of the weight and emotion that we could out of the chord progression. Playing that lead part over those chords is just an incredible experience for me; so much feeling for so few notes."

Listen to Thou's cover here:


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