Thou are having a busy year, especially covers-wise. They contributed a Bad Religion cover to anti-racism benefit comp Shut it Down: Benefit for the Movement for Black Lives, they covered the Yeah Yeah Yeahs for Save Stereogum, they released an entire covers album, an entire Nirvana covers album, they're on Sacred Bones' Black Sabbath covers album, and they're also on the upcoming Black Sabbath Vol. 4 and Alice In Chains Dirt tribute albums that Magnetic Eye Records is putting out on October 30. Their cover of "Them Bones" from the latter was just released, and it should be no surprise that Thou absolutely killed this one. They've covered plenty of grunge songs in the past (including AIC's "No Excuses"), there's plenty of grunge in their own sludge metal sound, and they know exactly how to stay faithful to this kind of music while also making it heavier and harsher than the original was.

"It seemed inevitable that we'd do another AIC song since their music was such a big part of [Thou guitarist] Matthew [Thudium's] and my formative years," vocalist Bryan Funck told Revolver. "We had covered 'No Excuses' some years ago, but it never quite got the reaction I thought it deserved, and our arrangement was a slowed-down and kind of left-field take on the song. With 'Them Bones,' we had a chance to tackle a song that more directly translated to our style. The song had been on my mind anyway — I had recently listened to a podcast that dissected all the tracks on Dirt and it really dawned on me that opening the album with 'Them Bones' was such a bold and cool move. No count off, no intro, just straight into the insanity."

Bryan also adds, "I think [Alice In Chains is] what set [Matthew] on a path of listening to heavier stuff, as it was for me." Listen to the new cover below.

On the non-covers front, they've got a collaborative album with Emma Ruth Rundle on the way. And Shut It Down isn't the only anti-racism benefit comp they contributed to this year; they're also on Overgrow to Overthrow.

Also listen to Khemmis' cover of "Down In A Hole" from Dirt Redux.


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