Magnetic Eye Records will continue their Redux tribute album series on October 30 with Vol. 4 [Redux], a tribute to Black Sabbath's classic 1972 album. The LP is loaded with great bands, including Spirit Adrift (whose "Supernaut" cover came out recently), Thou, The Obsessed, Matt Pike (High On Fire/Sleep), Tony Reed (Mos Generator), Haunt, Zakk Sabbath, Green Lung, and Whores, and we're now premiering Whores' take on "Cornucopia."

"It was cool that we got to do 'Cornucopia,' because it's not a typical song to cover," vocalist/guitarist Christian Lembach tells us. "When we were learning the basic structure of the song we found out very quickly why the song is called Cornucopia. The song starts in 4/4, switches to 12/8 and back to 4/4, and then the middle section is in 3/4! We smoothed it all out to 4/4 though, because we're cavemen and proud of it, ha." They also nearly double the song in length and really reinvent it in the process, turning it into the kind of noisy sludge that Whores have perfected with their original music. The world of Black Sabbath covers gets a little oversaturated, but this is a genuinely cool one and you can hear it for yourself below.

Christian also spoke a bit about Sabatth's importance to him in general. "I remember hearing Black Sabbath for the first time in Boy Scouts, believe it or not," he said. " I was predictably terrified. It seemed sincerely evil to my boyish ears. At this point in my life I hadn't even entered my hair metal stage, let alone my thrash, punk and hardcore stage, so the sound of a dark and downtuned band from a working-class factory town in England seemed like it came from another planet. I've obviously grown up since then, and I've seen and experienced enough legitimately scary stuff of my own. I'm able to tap into that feeling though, and I do it often. Legends for a reason."

The same day Vol 4. [Redux] comes out, Magnetic Eye is releasing the Alice In Chains tribute Dirt [Redux] and you can hear Thou's "Them Bones" cover and Khemmis' "Down In A Hole" cover from that now.

1. Thou - Wheels of Confusion
2. The Obsessed - Tomorrow's Dream
3. High Reeper - Changes
4. Matt Pike - FX
5. Spirit Adrift - Supernaut
6. Green Lung - Snowblind
7. WHORES. - Cornucopia
8. Tony Reed - Laguna Sunrise
9. Haunt - St. Vitus Dance
10. Zakk Sabbath - Under the Sun


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