by Bill Pearis

Literature @ CMJ 2014 (more by Amanda Hatfield)

Philadelphia's Literature just released the video for "New Jacket" which is off this year's Chorus, their first album for Slumberland. The hazy visuals, a mix of flowers and live footage fit the breathless rush of the song pretty well and you can watch that below. Last in NYC for CMJ, Literature have no shows on the horizon but they're about to go back into the studio for their next album.

Being the indiepop aficionado that he is, we asked Literature guitarist Kevin Attics to give us a list of his favorite songs from the last year which he did and also turned into a mix for us. Kevin says:

2014 is saying it's goodbyes at the party before it walks assuredly out the door. What did we just experience? The culmination of passion projects labored over for years (A Sunny Day in Glasgow, Gold-Bears), nascent talents throwing out the script (Girlpool, Dripping Wet, Spook School), future legends gathering steam (Flowers, Eternal Summers), and a flourishing musical community that is so tightly bound and dynamic (everyone on this mix). Also, Hurry put out a record I guess.

You can stream Kevin from Literature's "Essential Songs from 2014" mix below...


Literature - New Jacket

LITERATURE'S "Essential Songs from 2014"
Gold-Bears - "For You"
Future Punx - "999"
Gingerlys - "Jumprope"
Hurry - "Oh, Whitney"
Girlpool - "Jane"
Expert Alterations - "Midnight Garden"
The Spook School - "I'll Be Honest" *
Wildhoney - "Seventeen"
Sapphire Mansions - "Too Shiny"
Dripping Wet - "Everything Grows"
The Pains of Being Pure at Heart - "Kelly"
Suburban Living - "New Strings"
Martha - "Dust, Juice, Bones, & Hair"
Eternal Summers - Keep Me Away
Beth Israel - "Dead Bodies"
Small Reactions - "Hung From Wire"
Royal Shoals - "Seasick"
A Sunny Day in Glasgow - "In Love With Useless (The Timeless Geometry In The Tradition of Passing)"
The Fantastic Imagination - "New Shoe Blues" *
Ghost Gum - "Never"
Beverly - "Madora"
Nai Harvest - "I Don't Even Know"
Crimson Wave - "Say"
Heathers - "Fear"
Flowers - "Stuck"
*released in late 2013

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