Little Simz has followed the excellent "Introvert" with the second single off her anticipated new album I Might Be Introvert, "Woman." This one features soul singer Cleo Sol, and like the pair's 2019 collab "Selfish," it's a more melodic, soulful song than Simz's usual material, but just as fleshed-out and maximalist as "Introvert." Like that song, it also comes with a very vivid video.

"I love it when I see women doing their thing and looking flawless; I’m here for that!" Simz said via press release. "It’s empowering, it’s inspiring; I wanted to say thank you and I wanted to celebrate them."

Simz also spoke to Zane Lowe on Apple Music 1 about the song. "I just think the time we're in is super... I think Nina Simone said it beautifully, 'artists' job is to reflect the times,'" she said. "And I think just me growing more into myself and looking around and looking at my peers, I love what I'm seeing and it's a beautiful thing. And I want to continue to support and uplift and inspire women. And so that's all 'Woman' is, it's just a love letter to women. And just like, "I'm here, I see you. I see you shining. And I'm proud of you and keep going.” And that's all the women I mention, it's inspired by real people. I have some really phenomenal women around me. I was raised by a phenomenal woman, my mum being that, my two older sisters. And so yeah, this is me essentially giving back to them and saying, 'Thank you.'"

On collaborating with Cleo Sol, Simz added, "As soon as I got my verses down, I was like, 'Yeah, got to be Cleo. Got to be Cleo.' I think she just, I don't know... her spirit is so strong and powerful and whenever she gets on a record, it just lights up…She embodied that beautifully. And I think we have built over the years really dope musical chemistry, and it just continues to come through. So I'm very, very happy to have her on this record for sure."

Check it out below. The album arrives September 3 via Age 101 (pre-order).

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