Zurich-based musician David Thayer has been making music since the early 2000s, with many records as ambient-electronic project Xeno Volcano, and has also helped out on former Stereolab frontwoman Laetitia Sadier's last two albums. Thayer's current project is Little Tornados which also features Sadier, as well as John Herndon (Tortoise), and others. Their debut album, We Are Divine, came out in 2014 and they're set to release the follow-up, titled Apocalypse!, on March 9. They describe their sound as "psychedelic country" but the album's single, "Chérie la Mouche," is tres French: swoony, swaggery and a little space age bachelor pad-y. Dig Stereolab and Serge Gainsbourg? You'll probably dig this.

We've got the premiere of the single's video, which also features Sadier, and you can watch that (and check out album art and tracklist) below.

Little Tornadoes - Apocalypse! tracklist
1. Venture
2. URSA Major
3. Chérie la Mouche
4. Fire
5. Finally
6. Water Song/Water Song
7. I Disappear
8. Pleasure, Treasure Airline
9. Texas
10. Diamantes del Sol