by BBG

Liturgy has scheduled a tour send-off show on 1/15 at Death By Audio with White Mice, Little Women, and Weasel Walter's Cellular Chaos. The band will be back in NYC action on 2/18 at Don Pedro's with Aa, and then again on 3/6 at Glasslands with Naam.

Liturgy's support at Death By Audio, Weasel Walter's Cellular Chaos, will be reincarnated into another earthly form, that of Marc Edwards/Weasel Walter Group 16 days later. It is that form that will support An Albatross when they play Knitting Factory on 1/31 with Wharton Tiers Ensemble. Tickets are on sale.

So what is Cellular Chaos exactly, and what else has Weasel Walter been up to?

I have left California for New York. I quit XBXRX and joined Behold...The Arctopus. On the docket are my Septet record "Invasion" featuring Kaiser, Golia, John Lindberg, William Winant, Liz Allbee and Damon Smith; studio recordings by the Walter/Halvorson/Evans trio and the Marc Edwards/Weasel Walter Group as well as the new Burmese studio effort. I have reincarnated my west coast guitar freakout band Cellular Chaos on the East Coast with new players. A lot of writing for jazz quintet and tentet took place this year and I'll probably make an attempt to get that music played out here in New York with new musicians. This spring I'm planning on tours with the Forbes/Young/Walter trio as well as some European dates with Sheik Anorak and Mario Rechtern. There's an all-new Toy Killers release slowly in the works . . . I am also preparing to work on a very strange project spearheaded by the legendary Nondor Nevai, featuring myself on bass and Kenny Millions (aka Keshavan Maslak) on reeds - a truly volatile mixture of weirdos, should be extremely interesting. There's some talk about me contributing drums to some new Controlled Bleeding material as well. There are a lot of possibilities and I'm trying to figure out how to juggle them all and still remain solvent. Wish me luck.

That sounds like alot. Good luck.

Full Liturgy and Weasel Walter dates, as well as a few videos are below...

Liturgy - "Ecstatic Rite"

Little Women - January 08, 2008 at 21 Grand in Oakland, CA

White Mice "Gouda and Evil"

Weasel Walter | NYC @ Zebulon | Sep 19 2008

Jan 15 2010 Death by Audio Brooklyn, New York
Jan 16 2010 The Comfort Dome Baltimore, Maryland
Jan 17 2010 Slims Raleigh, North Carolina
Jan 18 2010 Shantytown Jacksonville, Florida
Jan 19 2010 Will's Pub Orlando, Florida
Jan 21 2010 Capsule House Miami, Florida
Jan 22 2010 Wyn's Miami, Florida
Jan 23 2010 house show TBA Tampa, Florida
Jan 24 2010 Farside Collective Tallahassee, Florida
Jan 25 2010 TBA Athens, Georgia
Jan 26 2010 Lenny's Atlanta, Georgia
Jan 27 2010 The Milestone Charlotte, North Carolina
Jan 28 2010 Red and Black Washington DC
Feb 18 2010 Impose Test Patterns @ Don Pedro's w/ Aa Brooklyn, NY, New York
Mar 6 2010 Glasslands w/ Naam Brooklyn, New York
Mar 13 2010 TBA Columbus, Ohio
Mar 14 2010 Now That's Class w/ White Mice, Tinsel Teeth Cleveland, Ohio
Mar 15 2010 The Mopery w/ White Mice, Tinsel Teeth Chicago, Illinois
Mar 16 2010 Camp Concentration w/ White Mice, Tinsel Teeth St. Louis, Missouri
Mar 18 2010 House of Tinnitus w/ White Mice, Tinsel Teeth Denton, Texas
Mar 19 2010 SXSW Austin, Texas
Mar 20 2010 SXSW Austin, Texas

Jan 15 2010 Cellular Chaos - Death By Audio, Brooklyn, NY Brooklyn, New York
Jan 23 2010 Weasel Walter/Peter Evans a.o. - Silent Barn, Brooklyn, NY Ridgewood, New York
Jan 31 2010 Marc Edwards/WW Group - Knitting Factory, Brooklyn, NY Brooklyn, New York
Mar 19 2010 QUOK - The Stone, Manhattan, NY New York, New York
Mar 25 2010 Vinny Golia/Adam Lane/WW - Issue Project Room, Brooklyn, NY brooklyn, New York
Apr 14 2010 Sheik Anorak/Mario Rechtern/WW - European Tour Lyon, Rhône-Alpes